We are a Precision Engineering Company providing services to a network of clients who operate Globally....

From small innovative local businesses to large multi-nationals in the Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Security and Automotive Industries. We combine traditional Engineering with the flexibility of modern CNC technology.



We manufacture a range of precision machined components and bespoke tooling for the Pharmaceutical Packaging and the Medical Device Industries.

The pharmaceutical industry is an important player within the United Kingdom. The recent annual turnover of pharmaceutical goods wholesalers in the UK was over 42 billion pounds, while the gross revenue from the retail sales of pharmaceutical products amounted to almost five billion pounds. The net capital expenditure in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical goods came up to over one billion.


Defence & Security

We provide unique, high-end precision parts, jigs and fixtures to customers operating in specialised products.

The UK remains the second largest global defence exporter after the USA. In recent years, the UK won defence orders worth £14bn, up on previous years (£9bn) and illustrative of the volatile nature of the global export market for defence.


Aerospace Precision Engineering


We provide a variety of manufacturing services across a range of disciplines within the Aerospace Sector. Supplying the Aerospace Seating Industry a range of high-end precision components to jigs, fixtures and specialist Inspection Tooling for the highly demanding Defence Aviation Sector.

Whiskin is an established and reliable engineering company that provides the latest techniques in advanced manufacturing technologies.

While the Aerospace Industry has been impacted by Covid-19 it is anticipated that it will recover within the next 2/3 years. There is a lot of existing projects ongoing to reduce carbon emissions, making lighter aircraft and enhanced safety features. 

Prototype Engineering

We offer an innovative approach to engineering services, supporting Engineering design teams from concept to production.

From a problem to the production of a solution, Whiskin Precision Engineering is a talented team of engineers, designers, machinists and technicians devoted to turning ideas into action. We excel at creating, refining and perfecting engineering solutions.


prototype precision engineering


We supply precision components and services to both the automotive and motorsport industry. Working with our customers we have developed and sustained close partnerships through the design and manufacture of specialist tooling

Our expertise ranges between specialised tools, special purpose machines and production and assembly lines. Previous projects for automotive production include Jigs, Fixtures and Gauges to fully Automated Assembly Systems.